Reactions when I read the hobbit *Watch out for spoilers*

presentation of Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf 

the arrival of the dwarves bilbo’s house

Riddles, Gollum vs Bilbo

eagles come to the rescue

when Gandalf disappears in the most difficult times

big spiders

the elf king

Smaug appears

Bard the Bowman kill Smaug

the battle of the five armies

Beorn comes to the battle

Thorin Oakenshield after the battle and talk with Bilbo

The end with Fili and Kili

when I finished the book

smart guys/ rude girls

Is good to know that after all this time, the guy who was credited only the courage and boldness, while the girl elegance; animation features characters who values ​​intelligence to the guys, and that makes them shine, turning them into heroes. While the girls, not only physical beauty is presented as always, but his character is noted, because bravery and courage can be felt, converting them into heroes too. 

NORDIKO?! omfg

NORDIKO?! omfg

astrid goes for a spin

Do not have a idea how much I love this moment! (my favorite) :’)


"What do you think?"



The 5 times Sokka forgot Toph was blind and the time he didn’t.

So there might be 4 HTTYD films.


Cute Kiliel fanart


Smut Kiliel fanart


Review of HTTYD 2

The animation is really worth admiring, very clear, with enough fine details, let me indicate that DREAMWORKS it’s going to surprise us with the third part of this movies.

With regard to the rhythm that carries the movie pleased me and it seemed appropriate, however happened things so very fast , and the end seemed to me precipitate, may have extended some situations (personally perhaps up to ten minutes), but we have to remember that you can not extend much the movie because it is for a young audience, and it’s hard not to bore people.

The music was great, really spectacular, I could not expect better of John powell, really amazing, and with respect to the characters and plot were really beautiful, the characters themselves remained, Hiccup was indecisive and diplomatic; Astrid, stubborn and impulsive, Ruff and Tuff Twins were still fools who We always love, Fishlegs was the young fan by dragons, (now with cards)… and Snotlout (OMG) I think it was the characters that change in rare manner, because I see more mature but with a disguise of a egocentric silly, but I like a lot; I actually think I like him …

Valka and Stoick were short love story but touches the heart directly, only twice have seen a connection that is achieved so beautiful and deep between two characters in a short time, “UP” (Ellie and Carl) and this with these two characters complemented in an extraordinary way…I have no words…

Encompassing the whole movie I think it was a successful and great work by Dreamworks and hopefully HTTYD3 have big surprises, and make us laugh and mourn like only these movies do.

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